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The Yakovlev Yak-23

A development of the Yak-19, the Yak-23 (NATO codename FLORA) featured a single 1590Kg thrust RD-500 engine. The wings and landing gear were directly copied from the Yak-19 design, while the engine was mounted in the nose with the exhaust exiting under the fuselage. The prototype was flown mid 1947 and a total of approximately 310 were produced, the production cut short due to the sucessful introduction of the MiG-15.

The Yak-23 is currently at version 1.3. Version 1.1 includes some changes to the thrustline and CG, as well as some graphic touchups. Version 1.2 adjusted the angle of incidence of the tailplane so you can trim out the plane. Version 1.3 adjusted the angle of incidence of the wing and now the Yak flies almost normally. It also removed the speed brake, as I don't see any mention of one anywhere. Plan those landings far in advance!

Download the Yak-23 version 1.3

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