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Welcome to my website! Here you will find a collection of aircraft for X-Plane, plus a few other goodies.

All my aircraft in whole or in part may be used by others for derivatives or re-paints or what-have-you. All I ask is that you mention the original designer (me) and include a link to my website, and also email me your final design so I may post it on my website (with credit to you of course!).

James Z Temple

For info on my new logo, see below


Table Of Contents

I. Developers Info

II. Original Aircraft by James Z Temple

III. Original Aircraft by Others, modified by James Z Temple

AeroFiles logo Email James Z Temple

The new logo design design was inspired by Tony Smith, who took my two old logos and combined them to create a thumbnail link on his X-Plane Gateway site. The new image looked good and so I did the same thing for my header logo. Thanks, Tony!