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Bitmaps in X-Plane

The following is a listing of all known (by me, at least!) interior and exterior bitmaps for use by aircraft. If you have changes, updates, or comments please email me.

Exterior Bitmaps

fair.bmp       Wheel fairings
fuse.bmp       Fuselage                                        
fuselit.bmp    Fuselage at night                          
fuseR.bmp      Fuselage (right side)
fuseRlit.bmp   Fuselage (right side, at night)
hstb.bmp       Horizontal stabiliser                   
misc.bmp       Float/tank                    
nace.bmp       Nacelle                               
prop.bmp       Propeller
pyln.bmp       Engine Pylon                                
strt.bmp       Landing Gear Strut                             
tire.bmp       Tire                       
vst1.bmp       Vertical stabilizer 1
vst1lit.bmp    Vertical stabilizer 1 at night            
vst1R.bmp      Vertical stabilizer 1 (right side) 
vst1Rlit.bmp   Vertical stabilizer 1 (right side, at night) 
vst2.bmp       Vertical stabilizer 2   
vst2lit.bmp    Vertical stabilizer 2 at night                                       
vst2R.bmp      Vertical stabilizer 2 (right side)                                       
vst2Rlit.bmp   Vertical stabilizer 2 (right side, at night) 
wng1.bmp       Wing 1                                         
wng2.bmp       Wing 2                                        
wng3.bmp       Wing 3  

Interior Bitmaps

handles.bmp            Handles                                 
handleslit.bmp         Handles at night                          
paneltextlit.bmp       Panel text at night (may not work!)            
panl.bmp               Panel              
panllit.bmp            Panel at night

panlB.bmp              Rear view 
panlLF.bmp             Left front 
panlL.bmp              Left view 
panlLB.bmp             Back left hand 
panlRB.bmp             Back right hand 
panlR.bmp              Right 
panlRF.bmp             Front right 

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