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SimGolf Tips

These are tips, a very few from me, most from other fans, and especially from this thread on the forum. I've stopped showing names with tips, since I've had inputs on the same topic from several people and I don't want to offend someone by giving credit to the wrong person. The only exceptions are the essays at the bottom of this page, which are from Usenet. Thanks go to all who contribute . If there are any errors or mis-statements, remember that all these tips are unofficial!

By the way, here is the link to the EA support page for SimGolf. There are a number of bits of information, but most are items you've probably already figured out.

Keyboard and Other Interface Tips
Course Building Tips
Tips for Operating Your Golf Course
Tips for Modifying the Game

Keyboard and Other Interface Tips:

Course Building Tips:

Tips for Operating Your Golf Course:

Tips for Modifying the Game

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