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Freedom Jet 2
A modification of the original Christopher Scott version

I found the original Freedom Jet on the web site, posted there by Christopher Scott on October 16, 2000. A copy of the original file can be downloaded here. And here is the original description from the Avsim site:

"The Freedom Jet. Formerly known as the Silver Bullet, it is listed in the Guinness World Records under "the smallest jet." The aircraft, N21AP, weighs about 437 lbs, has a 17 foot wingspan and is 12 feet long. With the current engine - Microturbo TRS-18-1, 300 lb. thrust - it is capable of speeds of 260 knots (300 mph) in level flight. It has a fuel capacity of 36 US gallons in the airshow configuration and 54 gallons in the military configuration. The jet is still used to conduct some cruise missile simulation tests for the US military."

I don't know the X-Plane version that was used to make the original, but it seemed to have some compatability problems with the current 5.62 edition, so I decided to make some mods and post it here for community access. The real aircraft is of course a Bede BD-5J, the jet powered version of the BD-5. It was introduced in the summer of 1973. Similiar to the BD-5G (which had a 70hp Xenoah 3-cyl two-stroke engine) and with increased "wet wing" fuel capacity the BD-5J was popular with aerobatic demonstration teams. The BD-5J is fully aerobatic and stressed for +/- 6 G's.

I made the following modifications:

The Freedom Jet 2 is currently at version 1.1. The small fix from version 1.0 was to restrict the steering range of the nose gear.

Download the Freedom Jet 2 version 1.1 (X-Plane version 5.62)

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